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The Craftmanship

Empirical Know-How and Sustainable Quality
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Luxury, from the Latin luxus, evokes debauchery, excess, pomp ... Derived from lux, it means light, brilliant shine, ornament ...​

"Luxury is exceptional. There is an element of dreams in luxury, but its reality is excellence ... "

0.1% plastic | 0% paint

100% Natural

The reason why we can add the designation


to our Craftsmanship is due to several aspects that we are proud to share with you:


 ✵we make everything ourselves by hand using ancestral methods from Africa & Europe and materials of unquestionable quality & great resistance,


 ✵all of our electrical components are of the best quality, European Conformity

and contain as little plastic as possible in view of safety standards,

 ✵our environmental involvement is fully in line with our permanent search for resistance & durability of our creations,


 ✵all our creations are unique & neat,


 ✵our empirical techniques are the result of extensive historical research to find the most effective natural means that were the pride of our ancestors,


 ✵we capture the know-how, sometimes forgotten, of all cultures & we compile them in each of our creations,


 ✵We make it a point of honor to guarantee you the best in all circumstances & for a long time with creations that will embellish your homes & your gardens for generations to come ...

Alain Debauve Manufacture Ltd

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